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We produce these premium wines from family owned vineyards in our region. Only the best parcels of fruit are selected to ensure our consistently exceptional quality.
— Aaron Salvestrin - Director Sans Pareil Estate

The red chromosol is the state soil of New South Wales

Also known as red brown earths, red podzolic soils or red duplex soils, red chromosols feature a strong texture contrast between the A and B horizons. They are distinguished from other texture contrast soils by not being strongly acidic like kurosols or sodic like sodosols in their upper B horizons. In their natural condition, these soils have favourable physical and chemical properties.
They occupy some 20% of the state and are used for grazing, cropping and vineyards. They have been described as 'the workhorse of agriculture' in New South Wales.

The Riverina has been growing wine grapes since 1913 and is the second largest wine producing region in Australia. The area yields almost three-quarters of the entire annual wine volume of New South Wales.



Aaron Salvestrin is a third generation viticulturist with a passion for the land, his vineyards and most importantly - a good drop.

His family originally migrated from Italy in the early 1950's. It was then when they discovered the ideal growing conditions of Australia. It is here where they continued producing their own wines, with the purpose of being enjoyed amongst their families and friends. Three generations later Aaron, sharing the same passion handed down from his family, has decided to break through the past tradition, with the vision of creating a unique table wine for the modern palate, showcasing years of experience and dedication.

It was Vintage 1998 where it all began for me, as a young child. I vividly remember the night before we had to harvest our Chardonnay block. I begged my father to let me come with them until he finally agreed. From that moment I was instantly captivated by the industry. That night, with great excitement, I stayed with my grandfather and father while harvesting which lead to my obsessive fascination of viticulture.
— Aaron Salvestrin - Director Sans Pareil Estate
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